Candle Care

Votive Candle Care

Our pure beeswax votive candles need to be burned in a properly-sized votive holder.


Votives are designed so that when burning,  the liquid wax fills the space between the candle and the glass. It is extremely important to ensure your votive holder is as close fitting to the votive as possible. 1 ⅞”-2” diameter  A wider container or no container will allow the wax to spread and it goes unburned, radically shortening the overall burn time.

Burn votives for 1 hour or more per session, long enough so the wax melts out to the side of the votive holder. When a votive is towards the end of its life (1/2” left) let it burn till it goes out, as you will not be able to relight it if you extinguish it. This will lengthen the overall burn time.

To remove wax from your vessel, you can freeze a votive holder or heat it in an oven at no more than 160 degrees and then wipe it clean with a clean rag.