Beeswax Block and Bars

Beeswax Block and Bars

$4.75 - $48.00
display of ten 1.5 oz bars
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Unleash your inner artisan with Big Dipper Wax Works' beeswax blocks and bars! This all-natural goodness comes in two sizes, perfect for fueling your creative fire, whether you're a candle-making maestro or a DIY dabbler.

  • Get ready to craft like a pro with: Pure, unfiltered magic: Ditch the paraffin and embrace the golden glow of 100% beeswax, straight from the hive.
  • Endless possibilities: From dazzling dinner candles to pampering balms, beeswax is your blank canvas. Let your imagination take flight!
  • Easy-peasy prep: No need for fancy equipment—just grab a grater and get sculpting. You're basically a beeswax whisperer now.

Product Details

  • Small: 1.5 oz bar
  • Large: 1 lb block