Our Story

Our Values

Love For the Craft

Our passion for beeswax and the craft of hand making candles is the foundation of Big Dipper Wax Works. The healthful benefits of beeswax and pure essential oils that our candles are created from, combined with the exceptional skills our artisans offer, is what makes us unique and separates us from other candle companies.


We Take Scrupulous Measures to Create our Unique High Quality Beeswax Products

Working with unrefined beeswax that is collected from different beekeepers and derived from varying flora sources presents numerous challenges.   It requires careful blending to produce consistent color and aroma, and burn testing nearly every batch to achieve optimal burn quality.


From raw beeswax to finished product, making candles by hand on a large scale is a practice in patience and mindfulness. Hand-dipping our tapers and sculpting and casting our unique, decorative candles are among our more specialized skills.   We work in teams to pour, dip, and package every product by hand, making sure the presentation is perfect.


We are a Community of Crafters, Artisans, and Skilled Workers

Crafting beeswax candles is a complex and dynamic process that requires a keen eye and great attention to detail. Neither machine nor automation can adapt in response to ever-changing, all natural materials, nor can they match the quality delivered by our highly skilled and trained craftsmen. Much of our success comes from our ability to make adjustments as needed in order to achieve the quality we strive for.


Handmade is Human

Our artisans drive the core values of Big Dipper Wax Works, building a diverse and unified culture within the shop. They bring their own unique blend of skills and talents to the team. Their collaborative efforts and mastery of the process is reflected in each candle produced.


The dedicated team at Big Dipper Wax Works takes great pride in not only their craft, but in knowing that the fruits of their labor bring natural light into homes across the world.