Illuminate Collection Tins

Illuminate Collection Tins

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Bring a splash of color and a touch of sunshine to your space with Big Dipper's Illuminate Collection Tins! These jewel-tone beauties, bursting with vibrant hues and pure essential oil blends, are like tiny bottles of happy. Ditch the boring white candles and embrace the playful vibes that come with every flame. Choose from Lavender & Cedar for a calming spa day, Clementine & Spruce for a burst of citrusy cheer, or Patchouli & Nutmeg for a touch of earthy magic. Each 1.07 oz. tin burns for 12 hours, keeping the good vibes flowing long after the last flicker. Spritz on your favorite essential oil mist, light your Illuminate tin, and let the sunshine in, one fragrant puff at a time.

  • Tiny tins, big happiness: Jewel-tone colors and pure essential oil blends transform any space into a miniature oasis of joy. 
  • Ditch the dull, embrace the vibrant: Clementine & Spruce, Lavender & Cedar, Patchouli & Nutmeg – choose your happy hour and let the flames dance.
  • Long-lasting sunshine: 12 hours of fragrant fun, keeping your mood bright and your space cozy long after the sun dips below the horizon.

Product Details

  • Made with only 100% beeswax and pure essential oils.
  • Each candle will burn bright for 12 hours.