Valentine's Day Beehive Glasses

Valentine's Day Beehive Glasses

Selected Valentine's Day Aromatherapy is

Spread the love (and keep the chill at bay!) with these adorable Valentine's Day Beehive Glasses! Hand-poured with 100% pure beeswax and your choice of three romantic scents – Harmony's soothing lavender, Love's flirtatious geranium & ylang ylang, or Rapture's exotic patchouli & cassia – they'll burn for a cozy 30 hours, making any night in feel extra special.

  • Three scents to set the mood: From calming lavender to playful florals to smoldering spice, find your perfect love potion.
  • 100% pure beeswax & 30 hours of burn time: Nature's candy for your senses and endless cozy vibes.
  • Unique with extra charm: Minor imperfections make them one-of-a-kind


Product Details

  • This 4.2 ounce candle will burn bright for over 24 hours