The Beeswax Bliss Box

The Beeswax Bliss Box

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Craving an aromatherapy escape but strapped for time? This Beeswax Bliss Box is your fast-track to zen! Hand-poured with pure beeswax and infused with calming scents, it's like a spa day in a box. Three perfectly-sized candles in different mood-boosting scents let you mix and match your stress antidote.

Light one up, breathe deep, and let the good times glow!

  • Pure beeswax & calming essentials: Breathe easy and drift into your happy place.
  • Three mood-boosting scents: Serenity,  Rejuvenation and Meditation - mix and match your zen!
  • Quirky charm & sweet deals: Embrace the imperfections and find your inner peace (at a discount!).
  • Meditation (Cedarwood & Balsam) Apothecary Glass - 3.2 oz, 25 hour burn time
  • Serenity (Lavender, Frankincense & Clove) Small Pillar Candle, 2" x 4.75",  40 hour burn time
  • Rejuvenation (Sweet Orange & Clove Bud) Aromatherapy Tin - 3.2 oz, 25 hour burn time


Ready to escape the chaos and embrace the bliss? The Beeswax Bliss Box is calling your name!