Spice Aromatherapy Mist

Spice Aromatherapy Mist

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Spice up your life, not your furniture, with Big Dipper's Spice Aromatherapy Mist! This exotic duo of cinnamon and  orange whisks you away to a cozy cabin on a crisp autumn night, minus the sticky floors and chimney soot. Ditch the artificial air fresheners and embrace the warm, inviting aroma that lingers like a hug from your favorite auntie's apple pie. Mist your room, your linens, even yourself (safe for topical use!), and let the spice magic chase away the chills and fill your space with cozy vibes that last long after the last leaf has fallen.


  • Holiday in a mist: Cinnamon and Orange dance together, creating a scent that's like mulled cider in a bottle, minus the hangover.
  • Stress-slaying spritz: Ditch the tension and embrace the warm, comforting feeling that washes over you with each mist, letting worries melt away like snowflakes on a hot mug.
  • Long-lasting lullaby: One spritz and the inviting aroma lingers for hours, keeping your cozy nest warm and spiced long after the outside world's hustle fades.

Product Details

  • Packaged in a 4 fl. oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Pure Essential Oils, Vegetable Glycerin