Rejuvenation Aromatherapy Mist - SECONDS

Rejuvenation Aromatherapy Mist - SECONDS

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Feeling a little meh? This Rejuvenation Aromatherapy Mist is your shortcut to sunshine! Handcrafted with pure essential oils of Sweet Orange and Clove Bud, it's a spicy, uplifting blend that'll revive your inner fire and chase away the doldrums. Spritz it around your home or directly on your body (after a quick sniff test, of course!) for a burst of zesty goodness. 


So go ahead, give yourself a fragrant refresh – your happy place awaits!


  • Sweet Orange and clove Budt essential oil blend: Revive your spicy spirit with a citrusy kick.
  • Home & body mist: Spritz your way to sunshine (and maybe test first!).
  • Quirky charm & sweet deals: Embrace the imperfections and feel the good vibes flow.

Ready to ditch the blahs and embrace the bee-autiful? This Rejuvenation Mist is buzzing with your name!