Pure Beeswax Pillars - SECONDS

Pure Beeswax Pillars - SECONDS

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Each of these long burning, traditional pillars brings a simple elegance to all occasions. Use multiple sizes for a unique and illuminating centerpiece on your dining room table or living room. In addition to the elegance found with each pillar, our pure beeswax candles provide a natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax!
Our natural beeswax pillars are available in three sizes and nine colors.

Product Details

  • Small (2" x 4.75") Burn Time: 40 Hours
  • Medium (3" x 3.5") Burn Time: 60 Hours
  • Large (3" x 6") Burn Time: 90 Hours
  • Wax: Beeswax
  • Wick: Cotton
  • Scent: Essential Oil Blends

*In effort to focus our production on our best sellers we have paused production on all colored pillars except Natural, Ivory, and Red through the end of the year. Please check back Feb. 2023 for the full selection. 

*Our "seconds" products are discounted because they didn't meet our extremely high standards due to one of the following issues: a minor surface imperfection, discoloration, dent, or scratched packaging.