Pine Aromatherapy Mist

Pine Aromatherapy Mist

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Craving a forest fix without the muddy boots? Big Dipper's Pine Aromatherapy Mist is your one-way ticket to woodland bliss! This all-natural blend, crafted with spruce, and cedar, conjures up the crisp scent of a mountain hike in every spritz. Ditch the artificial pines and embrace the fresh, invigorating aroma that transports you to a winter wonderland (minus the frostbite!). Mist your room, your linens, even yourself, and let the piney goodness chase away the stresses of the day, one refreshing puff at a time.

  • Woodland in a bottle: Spruce and cedar blend together, creating a scent that's as real as a walk in the woods (minus the squirrels).
  • Stress-slaying spritz: Ditch the tension and embrace the invigorating power of pure essential oils, letting the piney magic whisk away your worries.
  • Long-lasting lullaby: Each mist lingers for hours, filling your space with a calming, woodsy scent long after the last to-do list has vanished.

Product Details

  • Packaged in a 4 fl. oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Pure Essential Oils, Vegetable Glycerin