World Candle Month: Ignite some Joy and Lighten the Mood

Aug 31st 2023

Happy World Candle Month! Every September, candle makers and candle enthusiasts alike shine a light on why candles are so beloved by cultures all over the world. Candles are one of the best gifts to give for any occasion, are used to mark special holidays or rituals, and can so much as change the entire atmosphere of the room they’re in. Candles lift our spirits and here at Big Dipper Wax Works, we’re passionate about creating candles for your home that are pure, environmentally friendly, and the highest quality wax you can buy.

Candles Have Been Burning for Centuries

Candle making is one of the oldest crafts in the world. The earliest evidence of candles dates back to 3000 BCE in Egypt. Egyptian and Roman candles were made from animal fat, such as tallow or lard. They were often dipped in wax to make them last longer.

Since then, candles have played a significant role in all cultures. They have been used to accent festivities and as an integral part of religious ceremonies. Candles have been used both as a symbol of luxury as well as a necessity for everyone before electricity. Today, the long tradition of candle making continues. At Big Dipper Wax Works, we feel it is our responsibility to provide beautiful, eco-conscious candles with people and the earth in mind. That means providing a joyful and rewarding experience for our customers, our employees and the hardworking bees who create our wax.

Improve Your Mood

The scent of candles can have a powerful effect on your emotions. Aromatherapy studies have shown that certain scents can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. For example, our Harmony and Meditation aromatherapy candles have a soothing effect. We love to light them in our office to create a calm and focused working environment. Sometimes they even inspire us to take a moment to sit back and reflect, then continue the day with some positive vibes. Lighting a candle can be a calming and meditative ritual. It's also just plain fun.The act of taking the time to light a candle and focus on its scent never fails to put a smile on the face of everyone in the room.

Boost Your Creativity

Candle scents can also inspire creativity. If you're feeling stuck on a project, try lighting a candle and see if it helps you to come up with new ideas. A citrus-based scent will do wonders for perking your senses and renewing enthusiasm for the task at hand. Remember, some of the best thinkers and artists in history worked by candlelight. The warm glow may be just what you need to center your thoughts and connect to those great minds of the past while creating a vision for the future.

Improve Your Air Quality:

Beeswax candles (rather than petroleum based products like paraffin) can help to remove pollutants from the air, making your home healthier to breathe in. You can also feel good knowing that beeswax is long lasting and comes from a sustainable source - our friends the bees! With winter on the horizon, the natural sweet honey scent of our Pure Beeswax Candles can really bring a sense of freshness to a stuffy room. On a related note, winter storms can bring sudden power outages and we recommend beeswax candles to light the room in style and make the best of the situation. Now you can play some cards or pick up that forgotten novel while you wait it out!

Help Create Special Moments

What we love most about Thanksgiving and winter holidays are the rituals and moments we get to relive year after year. It's important to punctuate these moments with a special touch to make them more memorable. A deep conversation with a loved one by candlelight will be remembered long into the new year. While some of the best loved scents during the holidays are food related, with good reason, scents like pine and cinnamon can help drive home the shared warmth of the season. If you want to get a jump start on Fall and Winter Holiday candles, take a peek at our Holiday and Special Occasion candles.

Whether you’re looking for themed candles for holidays or special events or just need something to lighten your mood during your morning routine, don’t forget to check out our collection of Beeswax Candles in all shapes and sizes. Plus, don’t forget to create an account with us so you can start earning rewards with every purchase you make with us!