Beeswax Floral Pillar - SECONDS

Beeswax Floral Pillar - SECONDS

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A Big Dipper Wax Works original and best-selling creation! This 3" x 3.5", hand sculpted and molded pillar is embellished with a floral design and great for all-natural Spring decor. A creation by in-house artisans, this candle is truly amazing while burning, casting a luminous glow through its unique design. Each Floral Pillar creates a naturally sweet and subtle beeswax scent when illuminated.

Product Details

  • Each candle will burn for over 60 hours
  • Available in the natural beeswax color only
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3.5"


*Our "seconds" products are discounted because they didn't meet our extremely high standards due to one of the following issues: a minor surface imperfection, discoloration, dent, or scratched packaging.