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Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

Our Pure Beeswax Tea Lights are hand poured into clear, high heat polycarbonate cups for maximum glow and safety. Enjoy the natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax!
Each tea light burns for 5 hours.
For less of an environmental impact, bulk tea lights are available as refills without the cups. To achieve maximum burn time these 'naked' tea lights MUST be placed in cups/holders that fit the candle snugly.

Bulk discounts available.
Individual piece cost for 6 pack = $1.50/ea
Individual piece cost for 16 pack = $1.44/ea
Individual piece cost for Case of 48 = $1.17/ea
Individual piece cost for Case of 48 (NO CUPS) = $1.15/ea