Beeswax Abraham Lincoln Candle

Beeswax Abraham Lincoln Candle

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Hone your history buff cred and illuminate your next gathering with Big Dipper's Beeswax Abraham Lincoln Candle! This hand-crafted bust, sculpted from pure beeswax, isn't just a candle, it's a conversation starter. Light it up, and watch Honest Abe shed his stoic waxen exterior (slowly, of course) to cast a warm, honeyed glow on your space. 

• Elegance with a beard: This six-inch bust adds a touch of sophisticated charm to any occasion, whether it's a book club gathering or a presidential-themed party.

• Honey-sweet serenity: Embrace the subtle, natural aroma that fills your space.

Product Details

  • Recommended for decorative purposes only
  • Burn Time: 3-5 Hours
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 4"