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Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil - 5 ml

Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil - 5 ml


Grapefruit has a sparkling aroma with a sharp citrus top note and fruity body. It is uplifting and is a great antidote to overwork and exhaustion. Great to freshen the air of any room especially when blended with Peppermint. Grapefruit lends itself to other Citrus oils as well as Patchouli and Cedar or you can spice up your Grapefruit Essential Oil by blending with Ginger or Cardamom.

5 ml ( .17 fl oz) amber glass bottle with dropper top

Organic Grapefruit (White) - Cold Pressed

Country of Origin: USA

Latin Name: Citrus Grandis

Botanical Family: Rutaceae

Plant Part Used: Fresh Fruit Rind

Safety: May cause skin irritation. Use in low dilution when applying to skin and always test for sensitivity.