1.7 oz Tin Sampler

1.7 oz Tin Sampler

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Can't decide which Big Dipper Wax Works scent to snag? Dive into this delightful sampler tin and let your nose be the compass! Unwrap nine 1.7 oz mini masterpieces, each hand-poured with pure beeswax and bursting with unique aromatherapy goodness. From stress-melting lavender to mood-boosting citrus, it's a fragrant adventure in every tin. So grab your wick and wanderlust – the perfect scent awaits! 

  • Beeswax bliss: Crafted with pure, natural beeswax for a clean, long-lasting burn of at least 12 hours.
  • Aromatherapy adventure: Nine unique scents to soothe, uplift, and everything in between.
  • Travel-ready tin: Take your olfactory oasis on the go, wherever wanderlust takes you.


Grapefruit & Spruce
Peppermint & Lavender
Pure Lavender
Geranium & Ylang Ylang
Cedarwood & Balsam
Our Awaken aromatherapy scent is an exhilarating, woodsy scent that enlivens your senses and refreshes your mind
Our Balance aromatherapy is a refreshing, herbal blend that helps ground energy and elevate awareness
Our Harmony aromatherapy is a calming, floral aroma that promotes balance and relaxation
Our Love aromatherapy is a warm, floral aroma that promotes relaxation and  sparks desire
Our Meditation aromatherapy is a calming, woodsy aroma that promotes a clear mind and inner peace


Tangerine & Ylang Ylang
Patchouli & Cassia
Clove Bud & Sweet Orange
Frankincense & Lavender
Our Radiance aromatherapy is a warm, glowing blend that inspires happiness and wisdom
Our Rapture aromatherapy is a stirring, exotic blend that arouses passion and excites the senses
Our Rejuvenation aromatherapy is a spicy, uplifting medley that revives and restores inner strength
Our Serenity aromatherapy is an enticing, comforting aroma that soothes the senses and stimulates creativity