Citronella Votives

Citronella Votives

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Buzz off, bugs! Big Dipper's Citronella Votives are your backyard oasis's tiny titans. Hand-poured from 100% pure beeswax and infused with a blend of citronella and lavender, these little candles pack a punch against pesky mosquitos, all while casting a warm, honeyed glow. Ditch the bug zappers and embrace the gentle flicker of nature's bug shield. 

  • Nature's bug bouncer: Citronella and lavender, nature's pest patrol, send mosquitos packing while the warm glow keeps the good vibes flowing
  • Pocket-sized peacemakers: These petite candles fit snugly into existing glassware, creating a charming, pest-defying accent wherever you need it
  • Long-lasting luminescence: Burns for 15 hours, keeping your oasis bug-free and basking in the warm glow, long after the sun dips below the horizon


Product Details

  • Each candle is 2 oz
  • Burns for 15 hours
  • Recommended for outdoor use only.