Tranquility Stoneware Collection

Tranquility Stoneware Collection

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Desire a calm oasis within your own walls? Look no further than Big Dipper's Tranquility Stoneware Collection! These handcrafted 4.5 oz. vessels, in soothing hues of blue, pink, and white, are more than just candle holders – they're miniature meditation retreats. Each one is paired with a perfectly matched essential oil blend, from the citrusy "Inspire" to the floral "Refresh" and the woodsy "Renew." Light the flame, breathe deep, and let the Tranquility Collection whisper peace into your soul, one fragrant puff at a time.

  • Scent oasis in a jar: Handcrafted stoneware vessels come in calming hues and pair with pure essential oil blends for a multi-sensory escape.
  • Stress-slaying spritz: Ditch the white noise and embrace the deep relaxation that unfolds with every essential oil-infused flame.
  • Long-lasting lullaby: Each candle burns for 25 hours, keeping your inner peacemaker serenaded long after the outside world's chaos fades.

Product Details

  • Burns for 24 Hours
  • 2.5" x 3"