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Enameled Fern Hurricane

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Bring nature into your home by way of a beautifully created Enameled Fern Hurricane. Earthen materials appropriated from nature are forever conserved in this vessel, perfect for showcasing your pillar candles and illuminating any space. As part of the creation process, fern fronds are enameled onto simple glass silhouettes presenting an intriguing luminary for a candle vessel.

Product Details

  • Dimensions 6"L x 6" W x 8"H.
  • Comes with sand to fill the bottom for a perfect rest for your pillar!

*Extra care must be taken when burning pillar candles, no matter the manufacturer, in Hurricane glasses. Convection heat within the inside of hurricane may cause the entire candle to soften and potentially drip or runover, especially with an extended burn of >2 hours. Hurricane glasses with a diameter of ≥4" and a height ≤6" should be used to allow some airflow, and preferably outside or in cooler conditions. Monitor use and extinguish your pillar candle if wax pool is within 1/4" of outside candle diameter or appears too molten.

(Shown with our 3" x 3.5" Beeswax Pillar (not included).)