Love Aromatherapy Mist

Love Aromatherapy Mist

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Spread love through the air, one fragrant puff at a time, with Big Dipper's Love Aromatherapy Mist! This floral powerhouse blends uplifting geranium and sweet ylang ylang, transforming your space into a love nest you can breathe in. Ditch the cheesy candles and embrace the subtle, rosy magic that whispers romance in every corner. Spritz your room, linens, even yourself (safe for topical use!), and let the love vibes flow like honey from a beehive. So light the flames, put on some tunes, and let the Love Mist set the mood for cozy cuddles and whispered sweet nothings, all thanks to a touch of nature's aphrodisiac magic.


  • Love potion in a bottle: Geranium and ylang ylang dance together, creating a scent that's like a love song for your senses.
  • Romance on the rise: Ditch the clichés and embrace the subtle magic that unfolds with every mist, turning any space into a haven for cozy cuddles and sweethearts.
  • Long-lasting lovin' vibes: One spritz and the delicate floral aroma lingers for hours, keeping the love flowing long after the last butterfly kiss has faded.

Product Details

  • Packaged in a 4 fl. oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Pure Essential Oils, Vegetable Glycerin