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Holiday Aromatherapy Votives

Holiday Aromatherapy Votives

Our popular, pure beeswax votives specially scented and dyed for the holidays. Scented with pure essential oils, as always.
For best results, burn votives in a container that fits close around the diameter of the candle, we suggest our Votive Glasses. These glasses work perfectly alone or inside your decorative container!

Choose from:

green Pine (Spruce, Fir & Copaiba Balsam) 
ivory Mint (Peppermint & Birch)
red Spice (Cinnamon, Orange & Clove Bud)

Bulk discounts available.
Individual Votive Cost = $4.50
Individual piece cost for 6 pack = $4.25/ea
Individual piece cost for Case of 18 = $3.75/ea